i still get shitty cds to review for geek america, or, big rib reincarnated

Posted by in music, whateves on July 18th, 2006 @ 3:22 pm

so years after the fact  i still get totally random cds to review for geekamerica.com. mostly these are just home made jobs that get thrown right in the trash at the post office. but looking at (and listening to) this beauty by CHAD FREY, i realized that not only did i need to let everyone know that the carnage still continues, but i also noticed that the song titles alone were on par with david “big rib” garcia might come up with on a solo cd (as indicated by emphatic * symbols).

1. behind the mask

2. candyass

3. farewell for memories

4. kurt cobain *

5. dad (you’re never there) *

6. no future

7. what’s next?

8. if i dated a spice girl * (actually that’s a bit too cute for big rib)

9. to be contiinued*

 now what does this sound like you ask? well it’s actually a simple equation. high school band guy + emo + home recorded shitty sounding guitar = CHAD FREY. it’s actually kind of fucking hilarious, especially “kurt cobain” where FREY gives an ode to kurt cobain, spoken word style over some nice melodic guitar work (“twelve years later, they got married. kurt and courtney, but what about the baby, when he took drugs, kurt killed himself”). as soon as kevin tells me how in an ultra superior kind of way, i can maybe post some mp3′s up. in the meantime, meet the douchebag…

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