I am not a Star Trek Fan.

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This past weekend in Las Vegas I went to breakfast at the Hilton and ate Quarks bar.

Sure I didn’t need 10 shots of liquor for breakfast but it came with dry ice and the AD told me it would “WARP” me. It made me shit twice in 10 minutes. But it got me thinking about how much I don’t know about Star Trek. They had The gay dude Sulu’s asian sauce for sale. Oddly enough, on the menu Sulu had his own dish: Sulu’s Toss. That made me laugh for like 2 minutes. Then the Drink of death came and I forgot till now. But at the bar there are super fans dressed up and they talk to you like your part of the star trek universe. They don’t cook your food, they Replicate it. They are not bartenders and waiters, they are Ambassadors. Sure it sounds cute, but having to ask, “What?” over and over was funny. I am off topic here, so I know that Trek fans are shit crazy I saw Trekkies. But nothing prepared me for this fan based obsession, Captain Kirk and The Vulcan in love.

Click here for the fan site of all fan sites.

Bandai’s Gundam robot goes life sized

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Life sized Gundam.The 77 pound robot has 14 movable body parts right down to its finger joints, and emits a plethora of sound effects while you remotely control his fear-inducing flashing eyes.
Link to story
Gundam offical site

I want a Voltron like this.

*Asian girl not included

Chad Vader

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Amazing videos about Darth Vaders brother “Chad Vader”. Chad works at a grocery store as an assistant manager. Some people have too much time on their hands.

Video can be found here


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I have seen this car around LA.
Finding it randomly on the internet today I suddenly got a rushing thought that I am clearly not doing enough in my spare time.

I hope to see it again one day. I wonder if it has big eggs in the trunk?

hipsters want to kill the world

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one putt-putt at a time