Rap Snacks

Posted by in whateves on September 4th, 2006 @ 11:07 am

If you ever suddenly become very, very rich as the result of recording a catchy hip-hop song, I think this is probably the best way to spend your new wealth and continue your legacy into artistic history. . .



paris a hack… i mean hacked again

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so in europe around 500 copies of paris hiltons new album have been defaced and remixed by “guerrilla artist” banksy. banksy took copies of the cd replaced them with remixes such as “why am i famous?” “what have i done?” and “what am i for?” sounds like paris has a lot of questions. now i know paris is pretty worth less and doesn’t really need defending but she seams kind of like an easy target. on any account i think its a pretty funny prank. i wish i could get my mitts on one of these cd’s. but then again i haven’t bought a cd in like 5 years.

link to cover images
banksy’s site

crocodile hunter R.I.P.

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by now you will have probably heard this but our beloved steve irwin has been killed while filming a documentary off the cost of australia. he was diving and a stingray barb went through his chest into his heart. attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. irwin was 44. he will be jumping on jesus in heaven and then proceed to put his thumb up jesus’ butt just just to piss him off (yes that is a south park reference)