Taxi Driver

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Nobody is watching dot TV

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These two dudes, Will and Derrick, have a few videos on there yet to be launched website. The mentos and diet coke video is pretty fun. Also, they have a plan to make it on TV as much as they can in one year. They remind me of dudes at the end of the dorm hall always doing something weird.

scary farm

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nothing interesting here, but some folks are going on sunday, orctober first. it’s cheap and it will be empty. if anybody wants to come, all are welcome.

now i know who’s ass it was…

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but i still don’t know why it was farting.

 i wondered going in to jackass 2 whether it would retain the charm of the first, or if it would be a stale rehash. now that i have seen it i know why they kept everything so tightly wrapped. this movie is the first on steroids, injected directly into the penis and balls area. i don’t want to give anything away here, i’m sure as the days go by we can all discuss our favorite parts, but let me just say that if a third movie is made, someone is sure to die, and i think that every one of those guys knows it. you might want to go in relaxed and with an empty tummy, cause my body hurt from laughing so hard. please hollywood, come back and save us from the future of ass, because it’s sad when this is the best movie i have seen in years.

Captain EO was fucking awesome!!!

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Last week I was home and just was looking to buy a bootleg of Captain EO  so I could see it just one more time. But, Teddy the genius told me too look on BAM!!! I suggest you make the video full screen and turn it up. The 3D effects don’t really translate, but you get the idea. I still had the glasses from the last showing in 96, but Josh sadly broke them. Whateves, enjoy the show.

Click the poster to view the EO

Click here after for a sweet rip off