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Bumps sent me this today, and I belted out laughing. Click the image to make it bigger if you can’t read it.

Movie Rental Cherry 2000

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Tag Lines:

-She’s Blond, Beautiful and Forever Young.
-She’s Cherry 2000 – A Robotic Woman That Becomes A Man’s Driving Passion… Until He Meets The Real Thing.
-There’s a lot more to love than hot wiring.
-Need A Bounty Hunter? She’s Your Man.

My rental suggestion is based strictly from this clip sent to me today.

For some reason this movie was on a site called but I don’t see anything bad in this clip, it’s everything good in a budget action movie: Melanie Griffith as a gum chewing robot, shooting bazookas and throwing out lines inspired from Rambo. I Qued my copy just in time for the weekend.

-Movie Description

P.S. I suggest renting some titles from the B-Movie list (look at the clips with the ones that have a skull for a rating).


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Since leaving my job two weeks ago, I have been trolling the internet job listings, looking for opportunities. Can you imagine how shocked I was when I saw a posting for “Audience Wrangler” for the “New American Gladiators”? After a little snooping around I found out that they are filming new episodes of AG in beautiful Culver City + tickets are free!!!



Donald Duck Sex

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Donald Duck Sex:

Where you and your partner both wear nothing but shirts during sex – like Donald Duck. Undressing is a painful activity while you’re tired and want to have sex, so remove what’s necessary: pants/underwear and socks, leaving only your shirts on. Sailor hats, jewelry and quirky duck-like speech impediments are optional during fowl play.

Slade Has White People Problems Too

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So you may know, the Hayes family has re-located back to the South. We live the capitol of the south, Atlanta. If you haven’t been here before, I can assure you, much like Los Angeles, its everything you’d expect, and everything you wouldn’t (more on this to follow). We have a new plantation house in the north eastern suburbs, where its quiet, dark and calm at night. The house is also giant, and I am fairly certain, going to be the death of me. I have never had a house with stairs for one, so just that aspect sucks. Apartments with stairs are a different story, you can just let your crap fall down the stairs and when you destroy a wall you just don’t get the security deposit back. No biggie. At my new place, when you let something fall down the stairs, it crashes into the wall, tears a big chunk out of the drywall, flies through the front window and into the sidewalk, leaving in its wake about 5 things I gotta fix now.

Then there’s the other aspect of home-ownership: buying shit. I have to get a washer and dryer, but not a cheap one, because I now live in a NICE part of town, so if someone comes over and I have the washer and dryer from a garage sale I used to have, people will think I am a cheap screw. I don’t need that. I also need to get the cable guys out here and wire the place up. I also want to nerd-out and get the digital light switches that I can control from the web, or from the car when I leave. That shit costs coin that I could use to patch a few holes here or there, or make the entire house open with ONE KEY, a concept the previous owners failed to grasp. I never had these problems when I lived in an apartment. I just called Manuel and he would come over, say some funny things in spanish I barely understood, played with the baby for a minute, fixed the stuff and left. I gotta get him to come here and help out.