Fuck your Pool

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As I was walking home from my neighbor PatBenatards house this morning, I noticed someone done fucked up his pool in his apt complex. A message to the slum lord managment I am sure.

Click on them to seem them bigger.

Robots Are The Best

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Spike Jonze is currently directing a film adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s timeless children’s book Where The Wild Things Are. The film adaptation is scripted by Dave Eggers and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is doing the music. Um… sounds like a wet dream to me (I know MadEx is excited too). To top it off, they got an unknown child actor named Max Records to play the leading role of Max. That’s like three extra cool points just cuz his name is Max Records.

Here’s a very early screen test which, according to Jonze, is just to test out the facial effects of the creatures and doesn’t have the look or feel of the actual movie (no, the kid in the clip is not Max Records). Still, it’s a really fun clip.

Wild Things Clip

The latest news is that Warner Brothers want to completely reshoot Where The Wild Things Are because, well… it’s not commercial enough. This would likely lead to Spike Jonze (and Max Records) either quitting or being fired off the project. WHAT??? I sincerely hope that the world is not going to be this lame.

“I wish my wife was this dirty”

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Dirty car.  My wife?  Not so much.
Heh heh.  Oh that’s clever.

Spotted in an open garage on Portabello Road in Notting Hill, London.

A Total “Lunar” Eclipse of the Heart. Tonight.

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Tonight a total lunar eclipse is occurring which will be very visible tonight if the clouds lift. The moon will appear to change color & turn orange to blood dripping red. Pacific Standard Time zone, the partial lunar eclipse begins at 5:43pm, then moves into total eclipse at 7:01pm and out of total eclipse at 7:51pm, then out of partial eclipse at 9:09pm. That gives you about a 3 hour window to see some sort of lunar eclipse happening. If the rain lifts,  be sure to look up tonight. I’ll be seeing Diary of a Zombie tonight, so I’ll try to look up before entering the theater.

Tina Fey Hosts SNL, this saturday night Feb 23rd.

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Candlelight Vigil in West Hollywood in Memory of Slain Oxnard Student

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Last week in Oxnard, a 15 year old 8th grader who was openly gay, was shot and killed in his classroom by a fellow student. The murder has been deemed a hate crime.

To pay tribute to Lawrence “Larry” King, a candlelight vigil has been organized here in West Hollywood. This vigil will also be simlutaniously held statewide in both Sacramento and Fresno.  The vigil will begin at 7pm at West Hollywood Park, 647 N. San Vicente Blvd.

Please come out and show your support. The vigils will remember Larry and unite the community in spreading the message that stronger anti-bullying policies and anti-bias educational programs are needed in schools.

For more information on the events surrounding the shooting, check out the LA Times articles:



Blu-ray wins Battle of the formats

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Blu-ray is now the winner, Toshiba announces defeat after wal-mart giant sides with Blu- ray. So if you were waiting like me, you can now buy with ease.


Thanks to my roommate Chris Cruise for the tip.

Julius Shulman Book Signing

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The architectural photographer Julius Shulman will be signing books on February 29, 08 at the Los Angeles Design Within Reach showroom. Shulman is best known for his photographs of the The Stahl House AKA “case study house #22. The Actual photo of Stahl House shows two women sitting next to large glass walls admiring the night overlooking Los Angeles.

Shulman is responsible for some of the most sought-after architectural photography to date, with an emphasis on images of Southern California modernism. The book above is one of the best references of his work, with photos from around the world capturing mid-century modern. As a mid-century modern home owner I have turned to his work and used it as a reference when working my my house.

You must RSVP to beverlyblvd@dwr.com by February 27. Signing from 6pm-8pm

Whateves Diet Challenge Encouragement.

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This mother fucker weighed in at 1276, and he’s now at 675, and still losing. He recently fell in love and working on losing weight, I personally hope he keeps all that extra skin to wrap around his girls friends face at night.

Link: sevenload.com

Laundry Day

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If you could go back 20 minutes in time, this is what was running through his head:

“I really need to get some Hillshire Farm deli meat, but today is laundry day! No one will know if I wear my daughters Ugg boots® and my Polk High School Gym shorts”. “Boy its cold let me throw on my leather jacket so I will blend in with the rest of the people at the market”.

Mother Tezzy – House of Casanova

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Craigslist posting for this video…


Check out the trailer for Indiana Jones IV

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Indiana Jones Trailer Makes Me Wet My Pants

Happy Valentines Day

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Happy Valentines Day Whateves! mens.style.com asked men to rate sex positions. Vote up or down on a list of sex positions. Perfect homework for Valentine’s Day… and amusing photoshoot of those wood models we all have. Above you see the #1 & Editors Pick” Doggie Style. So far the One Legged Pirate is yet to show up on the poll.

Clap Your Hands Everybody and Everybody Clap Your Hands

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And If You Wanna Bump, Let’s Go!

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This motha fucka will motha fucking kill your ass! – Lil Show Stoppa

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