Ask A Bumps – Bouncing Off the Fucking Walls

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Dear askabumps,

with all my unemployment I stopped drinking and I have been working out a lot, this has been giving me extra energy, that I try to use up but at night I am wired and can’t sleep. When I say wired, I mean, I wanna play super man, I scream for no reason, I need a ball room and a pogo stick. What can I do to relax and go to sleep,

fo sho,

Bouncing off the fucking walls.

Dear Bouncing off the fucking walls: has been having similar problems. There is only one way I know how to handle this without sedatives ( does not under any circumstances endorse the use of artificial sleep aides). Depression. You need to work up a good ole fashion deep depression. You will never stop sleeping. Forget about ever having the motivation to ever do anything again. Go to the gym as much as you want, it wont matter you will just want to sleep and most likely also die. My other solution: wine. Box of wine.

Ask a bumps

Madex’s Apple TV HD Movie Rental Review.

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For anyone that is on the fence about an Apple TV let me assure you that my experience with it has been nothing but smiles since I bought it when it first came out. This little box can do iphotos, remote speaker itunes set up, youtube, flickr, itunes, ripped netflix movies, you can buy movies, tv shows, watch free podcasts and now you can rent standard def movies, that look ok, not even dvd quality, and HD mother fucking eye exploding excitement movies all from your couch, no computer assistance needed. This past Saturday, I decided to stay in since I had my house to myself and rented an HD movie. patBenatard and I rented Resident Evil: Extinction. The download time for the HD movie is longer then the standard Def, I hear you can start watching the Standard Def movie right when you order it, The HD content is a much larger file. Once you order it, it takes about 10 mins to be able to view it, so simply go take a shit, walk your dog or start your mac and cheese dinner. The Apple TV is wireless, and hooks into your wireless internet network. The Sound and Picture quality that was presented was the best experience I’ve ever had in my living room, it was amazing quality. Much better then any DVD 5.1 I’ve viewed in the past. I have HD cable and I have never seen it look as good as this HD movie download ever. I’m starting to wonder if time warner filters their HD broadcast, cause it isn’t as clean. The price of the new release HD film was 4.99. And since it was like going to the actual movie, the price is well worth the $2.50 entrance fee between two people. I don’t have a Blu-Ray Player yet, so I can’t make the comparison just yet, but when I do, I’ll chime back in. As far as the movie, it was awesome for being the 3rd in the series of the video game horror franchise, she had Jedi moves and it was way better then the second one that was too hard to watch with all of its flash edits hiding the fact there was no real action going on. It lacked the vagina shot that I remembered from the first film. I only hope they make another one.
Apple TV: 5 Madex’s out of 5 Resident Evil: Extinction in HD: The Experience 5 Madex’s out of 5 The Movie its self 3.5 Madex’s out of 5 (it was good, just not everything you want a movie to be)