Cat Found

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possum missing cat

Anyone missing a cat?

Move over Tweetie Bird, here comes something Shittier.

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I guess the world of over priced Urban Wear is ready for their favorite over priced cereal characters.

Who doesn’t want to sport snap, crackel and pop on their Hoodie for $110? I know I want sugar smacks on my ass!!!
Long gone are the days of Taz and Tweetie throwing down their hard stares in their low riding jeans and bandannas.

Look out world ‘cuz here comes Tony the Tiger and the Corn Flakes Rooster. While the designs are much more NASCAR then gangsta, it still is god awful, and needs to be celebrated. Under the hood Inc. sure has it finger on the pulse of, well, cereal lovers.
Check out these poor dudes modeling these incredible eye sores on American fashion.

What do you think, is this a good idea, what would you like to see get an urban fashion upgraydd? (2 d’s for a double dose of pimping)

I Hate Moby & Mobygratis

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I’ve heard to much about his new nerd-site than his new album, what gives Moby?

This Moby youtube video(above left: sex offender from college. right: sex offender from present) is from a Sundance Channel Promo – promoting the shit out of his free music site “Moby-gratis” for independent and student film makers. I signed up myself to check it out, the Moby Gratis is clean and simple to use also loaded with a variety of 60+ songs to offer a musically impaired film maker. This is great for people who have to sit through the Sundance shorts program and listen to the same douchey Moby song of a fat lady screaming over another tragic techno beat. The songs will run “short” after 500++ short filmmakers get hold 60+ Mobygratis songs world wide in 2008, Here’s to Moby!

So the plus side is, Mobygratis is royalty free as long as it’s not for commercial work, blah! blah! so on! and so on!, but if the film is picked up by the industry execs, you will have to pay a commercial fee, blah! blah! all the moneyz go to charity(blah! blah! blah!, not sure which charity)??? Maybe his accountant suggested making the site for 2008 tax deductibles.

I feel, he feels his new album: Last Night sounds similar to Mobygratis downloads, so he offered the same music, but online for the ultimate Moby experience. If you are a Moby fan, save yourselves the money and just download a few songs through his gratis, the new album is almost the exact same tranny techno music.

Just for old times’ sake: Sublime is still the worst band in the history of the earth!

Sir Barks A-Lot

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beat boxing dog

Check out this awesome website featuring a beat boxing dog. Press letter on your keyboard to make him bark other sounds during his beat boxing. You can even record your song! Now if I could just understand the language it would make more since.
Beat Boxing Dog

April 15th: Tax Day

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Mad TV’s Snoop parody reminds us to take a “Sensible Deduction”.