spotted at Puppet Up.

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One of the only podcasts I watch is Cute with Chris. I don’t really know how it got on my iTunes, but its always funny and people vote on whose pet is cutest. He’s very funny and puts a little more effort in his podcasts then most. Last night I saw him at Puppet up in Hollywood. I never get excited about celebrity people, but I got excited to see him like I did when I saw the Snapple lady 10 years ago. I guess I should send a picture of my dog Moose into his blog.

Madex with Chris Leavins @ puppet up.

Cute with Chris podcast


Puppet up was good as always, they are at the Avalon each month you should really check it out, everytime is very different, always improved from audience suggestions.

Last night I got 3 suggestions in,

One about a family vacation in Glendale.

One about an A&E Biography on Paula Abdul.

and another one about a variety show in the Red Light district done in dutch.

all were fun.

Flash back to classic Jim Henson.

LA Galaxy 1st Place In The West

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la galaxy vs kansas city wizards

Last night Los Angeles Galaxy hosted the Kansas City Wizards at the HDC. The Wizards were first to hit the sore board late in the fist half with a really great strike by Claudio Lopez (40′). But it was the Galaxy who replied with 3 unanswered goals in the 2nd half.

Landon (Landy Cakes) Donovan was awarded a penalty kick and tallied his 9th goal of the season (54’). Then Edson Buddle followed with his 4th in the 74’ and finally David Beckham scored his 4th of the season with a 60ish yard goal in injury time (kicked from over half of the field)! It was an empty net but what a way to end a game.

The Wizards came close to tying the game but a sliding save from Klien kept the Galaxy’s momentum going an allowed them to win and keep sole position of 1st place.