Don’t Crack The Egg

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dont crack the egg

So I invented a new game at work. It’s called Don’t Crack The Egg. It’s fun. Here is how you play.
The rules are simple:

  1. Get one yoga ball.
  2. Sit on it Indian Style (Native American Style).
  3. Balance as long as you can without falling over.
  4. Then brag to everyone in the office how long you were able to balance.

We just started playing the other day. Official tournament should begin shortly.

dont crack the egg its not that easy
See it’s not that easy.

Other game to play in the office…. Face Ball

DancePartyJulie’s Featured Awesomeness Installation 3: MORTIFIED

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If you listen to THIS AMERICAN LIFE you have probably already heard of MORTIFIED. If you don’t listen to THIS AMERICAN LIFE you are a jerkface and should tune into NPR more often, Podcast it, or start watching the show on Showtime.  Mortified is a live show that happens around the country, in different cities, once or twice a month where people get on stage and read from their junior high and high school journals.  And by journals I mean anything “deep”written during that heavy time of life: songs, poetry, notes, stories, etc.  This shit is hilarious. I have yet to get tickets to the show cause it sells out quick. However, there have been two books published:


It struck me while reading the second book that I wrote some pretty atrocious yet hilarious shit when I was about 13 and listening to a lot of the Cure and Depeche Mode.  I’ll bet a lot of my friends did too.  I propose that we find an afternoon to come together and read aloud some of our deepest thoughts and most creative endeavors from that tender age. Hell if you didn’t write anything, bring pictures, videos, drawings, recordings, or any little thing you just couldn’t ditch when you moved out of your parents. Who’s in?

Someone had to post it: 8 year old Breast Feeding.

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Yesterday was a good day well spent in the park with friends, still within reach of Youtube and whateves we all enjoyed Gaybee’s pride and joy: 8 year old Breast feeding. And by enjoyed, we all almost threw up.

learn english

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These 2 commercials are amazing. Please take a few minutes and check them out!

commercials #1

commercials #2

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend.

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Handmade From The Heart

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la la the deer mika cuore etsy

I have posted in the past about my friend Mika. She made me a really amazing pillow of my dog, Klaus. She is a freelance designer and is a busy bee. Always working on something. When she is not creating clothes or wedding dresses she fills her time creating… well anything and everything cute.

She just finished a new bag using limited edition vintage plaid fabric. The bag is named “La La the Deer” and also features a handmade wood burning of of a deer on the bottom edge. This bag has a matching cosmetic case and like the rest of her creations, are in limited quantity.

Mika has many other items such as pillows, appliqué pin/brooches, handbags, shoulder bags and note cards. Everything is available on her account, under her user name Cuore.

I’m so happy to see her do something she loves and it really shows in the detail of her work. Mizzo… I mean it when I say you rock! spotted at Puppet Up.

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One of the only podcasts I watch is Cute with Chris. I don’t really know how it got on my iTunes, but its always funny and people vote on whose pet is cutest. He’s very funny and puts a little more effort in his podcasts then most. Last night I saw him at Puppet up in Hollywood. I never get excited about celebrity people, but I got excited to see him like I did when I saw the Snapple lady 10 years ago. I guess I should send a picture of my dog Moose into his blog.

Madex with Chris Leavins @ puppet up.

Cute with Chris podcast


Puppet up was good as always, they are at the Avalon each month you should really check it out, everytime is very different, always improved from audience suggestions.

Last night I got 3 suggestions in,

One about a family vacation in Glendale.

One about an A&E Biography on Paula Abdul.

and another one about a variety show in the Red Light district done in dutch.

all were fun.

Flash back to classic Jim Henson.

LA Galaxy 1st Place In The West

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la galaxy vs kansas city wizards

Last night Los Angeles Galaxy hosted the Kansas City Wizards at the HDC. The Wizards were first to hit the sore board late in the fist half with a really great strike by Claudio Lopez (40′). But it was the Galaxy who replied with 3 unanswered goals in the 2nd half.

Landon (Landy Cakes) Donovan was awarded a penalty kick and tallied his 9th goal of the season (54’). Then Edson Buddle followed with his 4th in the 74’ and finally David Beckham scored his 4th of the season with a 60ish yard goal in injury time (kicked from over half of the field)! It was an empty net but what a way to end a game.

The Wizards came close to tying the game but a sliding save from Klien kept the Galaxy’s momentum going an allowed them to win and keep sole position of 1st place.

The Vegan Spot – New to LA

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Today I went to the opening of The Vegan Spot on Sunset just North of Sunset Junction in Silverlake. This cool girl Sarah just opened it up, along with the people from Flore. And I can’t stop jumping of the walls over how good it was.
More after the jump.

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Doggie Needs a Home in So. California.

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She is a two year old Black Mouth Cur (same breed based on the book Old Yeller). Rare breed for Orange County. She is fixed and has her shots. She has a great build, perfect markings, and is healthy breed. She is past the puppy stage, housebroken, has a good temperament, and LOVES kids. E-mail me if you are interested


Go Ape Sheeeit

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Cadbury chocolate commercial. Phil Collins, gorillas and chocolate… recipe for awesomeness.

Weezer Has Officially Run Out of Video Ideas

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Hot Dog, Jumping Frog- Albuquerque!

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Dylan Sent me this today, saying it reminded him of me. I don’t really know why. Check it out, maybe you can figure out why.
Thanks Dyl.

Prefab Sprout – The King Of Rock N Roll

Luxury and Style

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Slowxgun is a very luxurious man. Too bad ladies, and gents, he’s unavailable.

Whereeves Bike Ride, To China Town and Beyond.

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Last night we didn’t get enough riders to have a proper capture the flag game, it was cold and people were tired and working and in Europe, but when we get enough, we will capture that flag. Last night we took a lazy ride down to downtown, jetted over to Olvera street to meet up with Billy. The street was all closed down and smelled like jizz. We then headed over to China town to check out Transmission, which if you show up on your bike you get in free. They soon hated us cause we’re all on bikes and no one had to pay and there was no one else in there. OOPS. We took some pictures on the floor, got a dirty beer, saved people from the pee pee floor rape room upstairs and headed to Mtn. Washington to Footsies and Billy’s House so he could show us his Antique road show Flag with metal tassels.(i forgot to take a picture) After Footsies, we pouneded some Porno Burritos and Potato Tacos. It was goooood.

More pics after the jump.

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