Madex Movie Review – The Stangers

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Let’s start off by saying, I enjoy horror films, shitty cheesy horror films, there is nothing that really gets me to jump off my chair or couch, excpet; THE DESENT, that shit got me jumpin’ up the walls. But I realized something, home invasion freaks me out. Loud knocking at the door is where my nerves get jumpin. This film is slow, its well done and its based on true events which really got me scared. But now unfortunatly I can never listen to Joanna Newsom ever again.

During the film, Liv Tyler puts on her vinyl record, and let me tell you, it fucking scary when people are pounding on the doors and windows with her casper ass voice singing. The whole time I watched this movie, I just thought about where the closest Wal-mart was so I could “git meh a gun.” The film does a good job at making masks scary again, and like most horror films, it falls flat at the end and waists time setting up a sequel.
Look out for Stangers 2 and The Church of Latter Day Saints.

2.5 Madex’s out of 5.
They lose points for a weak ending, but it was worth all the door banging and window crashing. Oh and car exploding. Liv did a great job at being Jamie Lee Curtis.

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  1. davelip said,
    on July 3rd, 2008 at 11:15 pm

    Ok I’m glad you started to put into words what I was thinking after seeing this film. However, 1/2 way through the film, when the masked people keep going in and out of the house, it lost its edge. Which takes me to… what was the point of this film? In the end it just made me angry. Angry that the ending sucked and yes, sets you up for some lame sequel, and that there was no point to the home invasion. LAME LAME LAME. And the ending would up being like Hostel, just gratuitous violence. Michael myers killing people isn’t gratuitous violence, but watching someone get tortured like in Hostel, I have a problem with that.

    I am a huge huge huge horror fan and the film did have me screaming from time to time, BUT i was soooo annoyed by this Joanna Nuisance chick’s voice. OmÂ¥god just poke needles in my eye next time I have to listen to her.

    Pointless annnoying poop.

  2. nat the brat said,
    on July 4th, 2008 at 6:39 am

    heres part of the story that the movie was based on:

    “The murders happened at Keddie Resort, a small resort in hilly northern California. The date was April 11, 1981. It was discovered by Sheila Sharp, who had stayed overnight at a neighboring house. She returned to her holiday cabin to find 3 people killed. Her Mom Sue, brother John, 16, and his friend, Dana Wingate, 17, were murdered in the same fashion. Their hands and feet were tied, then they were stabbed and hammered. The entire cabin was splattered in blood.

    Sheila Sharp’s 2 younger brothers and their friend were in a back bedroom and they were safe. Tina Sharp, a younger sister, was missing. There was damage to the walls and furniture but no one heard anything on that fateful night. The case grew cold due to lack of leads.”

    here’s a website dedicated to the case…

    The movie is kinda lame, it had its parts that made me jump, like madex said, the scariest part about it is that its based on a true event. There was no point to the real home invasion, thats why there’s no point to the home invasion in the movie!

  3. bumps (too lazy to sign in) said,
    on July 7th, 2008 at 9:52 am

    will someone see this with me? i want to go but I can’t do home invasion movies by myself

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