Orange Street Fair

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For those of you who did not get enough corn at Sunset Junction, this weekend is the Orange Street Fair. Here in Orange County, we do not celebrate diversity, we have streets named for different races and stereotypical foods representing them. I bet the Mexican street will have Take O’s and Bar Eetos! But here is the secret that myself and possibly a Bearded one know…you go on Sunday night at about 8 pm and all the food vendors start selling at half price… by 9 pm, they are giving it away. 3 bratwursts for a dollar? Hell yes.
And thanks to our friends at Elsinore Brewery, all the beer is free.


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This gif alone would make me vote for him.

Best Tattoo 7

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Why have a hand with 10 fingers when you can have an arm with one giant thumb?

Honda Scooters They’re Everything but Ordinary

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Grace Jones, Adam Ant, Grace Jones, Miles Davis and um, Devo. nuff said.

Click on image to see the Youtube Ad.

Full House D.J.’s best friend and next door neighbor Sandra Bernhardt. I think this was post Madonna eating her Vaj and when Down Syndrom had muscles, Jim McMahon.

It Has Been To Long Since The Last Muppet Post

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Glennz Tees loves muppets just as much as whateves. Best of all the SNORG chick is no where to be found

Shirt titled: Before Stardom. $19.95 purchase here.

Ask A Bumps will love this more then she loves cake.

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Uncle Karl made a teddy bear in his likness. We only need to pool together $1,400


Madex’s Movie Review – Killer of Sheep

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This profound film by Director Charles Burnett was filmed on weekends and freetime throughout the 70′s. This neorealisitc film sets you in post riots Watts and has an amazing dose of gripping reality. You really feel like you get a grasp of the community, its characters and their plight. Its a must rent for anyone interested in Los Angele’s history, film history or anyone who wants to watch a great movie. You can see the directors that have been inspired by this type of docu-drama. David Gordon Green must have seen this before he made his great film George Washington, and Harmony Korine put his own sick twist to this style in his masterpiece Gummo. Rent it today and beware there is some gnarly animal factory farming scenes, but well worth the watch.

5 Madex’s out of 5

Killer of sheep

My Time Capsule

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So the other day I went to visit my parents. It was a typical visit. Mom offered to make me food my dad told me about the neighbors all was well and normal. Then it was time to leave, I get in my car and I notice something in the back seat. After a closer look I realize its 4 banker’s boxes FULL of my stuff from when I was a kid. I turned to ask my dad why he put it in my car and this is the reply he gave me. “This is your shit, keep it at your house”.

Now let me rewind a little. Around 1987ish my parents had some custom cabinets installed in the kitchen and living room. My dad gave one really deep cabinet to me and my sister. He told us we could put whatever we wanted inside. So… I did. And well… I never threw anything away. The 4 banker’s boxes were the random contents of my life from 1987 until 1996.

I did go through the boxes and threw away most of contents. It mainly consisted of Mad Magazines, Sports Illustrates, ice hockey and baseball cards, cassette tapes, TONS of hats, pictures of me from my first school dance and team pictures of me on the HS baseball team and just… stuff.

I decided to go through it and take pictures of a few things that I though were interesting or worth showing. Anyway I present to you PSmyNameIsPhil’s Time Capsule

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some truly amazing captured moments

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Justin gets Juice, Skylight Juice

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Skylight Book 1814 is opening this Saturday at 3pm, and Justin Jasper (pictured above), sometimes Whateves Commenter, is running the show and put together a band of some sort that is going to play the opening. I shit my pants seeing Justin on my regular Blog lurking route.  I’d totally come if I wasn’t filming a wedding this weekend, good luck Justin.

check out Racked LA for more.


Dylan and Rebecca are totally famous!

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The family Portrait.

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The shining

These family portraits were done by artist Kirk Demarais, for the  2nd annual Crazy 4 Cult show at the 1988 gallery in Hollywood. I would love one of these over my fireplace. I really like of the the growing pains family, and Max Fisher and his father too. What other family’s would you like to see?

My first Finger!

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This weekend at a backyard BBQ, I quickly realized how boring first kiss stories are in the hot sun while drinking (nasty ass) lemonchello and deliouse homemade quesodillas. I asked why no one talks about their first fingering,  the mood quickly turned awesome, the stories were much more entertaining. Mine coined the internationally famous quote, “Get out of my Daughter” and her mother painfully had to drive me home, all the while explaining why she isn’t going to tell my mother because she is too scared to do so.

Emo for Obama

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Sunset Junction 2008

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