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the depths of peoples stupidity amazes and entertains me

Big Noise From Winnetka

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more muppets

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mostly i just had to clear the main page of worst case’s cum clams


This Thanksgiving, semen makes the perfect addition

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Give a little extra this Thanksgiving, a little extra SEMEN.  It’s the perfect ingredient to spice up those old recipies and really brings out the bold flavor in bland foods… 

Ok, I get it, some people love semen.  A lot.  But on Oysters?  Honestly, who thinks, “God I can’t get enough of guzzling this every night, I need to have it on my sandwich too.”  I’m just sayin, what happens in the bed room is awesome, but I don’t know that most want it in their “Almost White Russians” as well.  

So for all those who want the gift that keeps coming (…er), than maybe this book would be a great surprise.  The best surprise though, is to make that extra tasty pumpkin pie, and inform your guests afterwards that it was made with you extra special ingredient.  Welcome to the holidays.


Buy it here.

MONSTER TRUCKS LOOK MINI TIME [best night of your life]

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Keith Loutit is a Australian photographer who makes awesome short films. I’ve shown a few at my GuerrilLA Drive In before in my pre-shows. This one sparked my excitement because it has to do with Monster Trucks, and we all should be getting ready cause ITS MONSTER TRUCK SEASON SOON in early 2009. To wet your excitement, I give you this to watch.

[vimeo width="500" height="400"][/vimeo]

There is nothing worse then this; Ace Ventura Jr.

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Someone had money, and thought this was a good idea. Now you can buy it. I beg you to keep your money, and your hour and a half.

Not even an ICP story will make me feel better today…

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I got a lot going on today. Sadly, this ICP story only made me feel worse. See how it works for you:

ICP Idiots Hang Out at Phoenix Shopping Center, Piss Off Community

Ask A Bumps – Santa Claus Sat On My Face

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Dear Ask A Bumps:

I hate the holidays with family. I’m not married, and I hate going to my parents for Thanksgiving or Xmas. How do I just say no?


Santa Claus Sat On My Face

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My thoughts on Prop 8 and its message.

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What Prop 8 is really all about

What Prop 8 is really all about

I think the photo above should sum up my sentiments on the passage of Prop 8.

It’s now been almost 3 weeks since it passed, and with each new weekend, I feel the dread that pretty soon the steam will run out and we will all go back to our complacent, apathetic selves. I know I was one of those people before the election. Not necessarily apathetic, but more along the lines, “This thing will never pass. San Diego, LA, & San Francisco will make up for all the “other” counties who will surely vote for prop 8.”  I know I was not alone in that thinking.

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Friday’s Twilight E-mail.

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I got this email today from a friend, I have his permission to publish it.

Today I found out third person, via email of a schedule that I no longer have a job.

Then I was asked to go see “Twilight” the vampire movie tonight.
Someone mentioned something about getting dressed up, but I read those books, and those vampires just look like teenagers.
Therefore, I made a felt viking helmet.
(historically inaccurate.)
See you at the movies.


Ladies, Just in time for the Holidays [Lovin']

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Ladies, you’re looking at the Don Draper of our time. Only, he’s single.
If you’re looking for mystery, romance and that full bodied male smell, then Tucker is what you’re looking for. He won’t cheat on his family, to sex you on his lunch break, Because, he doesn’t have a family.
This successful Renaissance man lives in Southern California, amongst the rich and famous.
He loves film: see Last Holiday
He loves Television: see Merrill Howard Kalin
This man is a gem, he isn’t desperate, he’s kicked many a fine lady to the curb. But you have to be in it to win it, this man settles for nothing less then perfection.
From the Man’s own mouth,
“I think my major selling point is….
“Hey girls, got a daddy complex?  Those older men have the money to make you feel better about that gaping hole in your soul… well Tucker’s got the money of a middle aged man and the body of a 27 year old wonderboy!”
Did I mention this guy can cook and dance?
Ladies only please, let your voice be heard in the comments in hopes that Tucker will reply.

30 Rock and Muppets Collide.

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On tonights episode, Steve Martin will be guest staring. I really wish the guest stars would chill out, they need to get back into their own character storylines. They’re much more insteresting.

Anyway, when I saw this video my 30 rock boner collided with my muppet boner, and well, it wasn’t as gross as I thought it would be, one was soft and the other was witty.

Green Light For Arrested Development Movie?!?!?

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Is it really happening?  According to Ron Howard and Jeffrey Tambor…  YES!

Read full article (plus video) on Paste Magazine.

The Worst Day Of Their Lives

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Kids reaction after watching American Idol

This is the youth of America. They will be taking care of us when we are old and running the country. Although as sad as this video is, I still laughed my ass off at their reaction and when the girl says “how can you vote for him he doesn’t even shave”!

Although, this is what my household of look liked if McCain/Palin would of won the election.

Make Your Own WhatNot Muppet Puppet!

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Yes my fellow whatevers we can now design our very own Muppet puppet for only $130! You can pick the Muppet’s body color, eyes, nose, hair, and outfit. Each one is custom made and just like the real thing they are hand and rod puppets, standing 16 inches tall. You design it and they build it. This is rad. I need one! We all need one. Merry Xmas!

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