The Moment

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At they have compiled thousands of photos during Obamas Presidential Inauguration and titled them The Moment. Photos were submitted by anyone that attended the Inauguration. Then the compiled photos are layered on top of each other to create a 3D space from the otherwise 2D photos. Basically, It’s a panorama using thousands of submitted images from the people who attended.

CNN has been doing some cool interactive things with their displays/computer monitors. Most of them use a major event to showcase them. Example: the 2008 Election and here in the Presidential Inauguration.

Its pretty cool to click around the audience and see who attended along with seeing Obama, his family and the people around him during The Moment. I found a few actors and senators that were sitting right behind Obama as he was sworn in.

You will need to install a plug in called Silverlight to make it work and be able to interact, but that is it. Super easy and most of the photos are pretty good quality.

Check it out: The Moment


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we hardly give a thought to the things we use everyday. if it wasn’t for good industrial designers we would be surrounded horrible tacky products. its these people that think about every detail in the way a product is made. the shape of things, the color of things, how they feel in our hands, all the things that we normally don’t think about but if they weren’t there we would probably all notice. objectified is a new documentary film by gary hustwit who also directed helvetica. being a little bit of a design nerd i truly enjoyed helvetica. it was an insightful film that was well paced and filled with good choices from top notch typographers, great visuals and good music . i recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it. objectified looks like an equally interesting film about the process of industrial design and manufacturing of the things we use in everyday life. the film is set to debut at this years sxsw festival and screen in selected cities.