101 Reasons Why Florida Sucks – 13: Firefighters stealing feet.

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In Florida a Firefighter was accused of stealing a foot from a crime scene after a car hit a pine tree.

Later the foot was found in the Firefighters freezer…. presumably to use in cadaver dog training that she did outside of her role with the fire department.


Full story: Firefighter accused of swiping foot under arrest

Cat plays keyboard and sublime still sucks

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If you read whateves then it is no surprise that we HATE Sublime. They are talentless ass puppets that could be the worst thing to happen to music since Jimmy Buffett. This cat however, has more talent then Sublime ever had.  I could watch this all day. What do you think? Can we get some kind of a poll on here?

Madex movie Review: Prayers for Bobby.

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Director Russel Mucahy (Resident Evil: Extinction) brings his ass kicking skills to lifetime’s films to watch with a tissue box. Sigourney Weaver plays  christian mother who has the picture perfect family. That is until it is infected with a Gay.  This was a cut above most made for TV preach fests, it had some horror film imagery with a young bobby dreaming of being caught in power lines while flying, and the only thing that kept this true story grounded was Ms Weaver’s performance. Sure, she cried and trashed and withheld sex from her husband, like all lifetime films, but she brought the realness of bat shit crazy Christians to the small screen.

I still don’t get why gay films for straight people have to kill the gay first so they can then understand. I know young gay suicide is a hug problem, its touched me a few times in my life with people I’ve known and the subject deserves some light so hopefully families can embraces their children and not push them to suicide.

Besides the story being too rushed, and bobby’s Christ like suicide. The film was at least a good entry level to gayness for stuck up suburban witches who neglect to accept they have gay in the family.

3 out of 5 madex.

NOTE: (having gas and farting during all the emotional scenes really makes it fun).

Check out all my past Movie Reviews. I plan on doing more this coming year. Like every fucking movie I see, so watch out for it.

When Music videos go horribly right.

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[youtube width="625" height="344"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02rkUvPrtwk[/youtube]

Bodies of Water, “Under The Pines” Bodies of Water‘s “Under The Pines” is a visionary tale of a greedy hunter who hunts for precious things found in house pets.  This music video is great, its well worth the watch. Only watch it if you have the patience to see it though.

Kids Party – What went wrong

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Now, I know that most of our loyal readership does not have children, so most of what I tell you is to be taken as a cautionary tale… For the most part, when I am hanging out with my little girls, live is awesome. Especially if its just the family – me, the wife, and the girls. The thing with kids is, that they’re the best when you don’t have to deal with all of their friends, and more importantly, their idiot parents. continue reading this story —>

Tron and Shirley in Highschool. Ep. 2 – A wanted Girl.

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This go around. Tron tells Shirley that she is a hot nude lady.

episode 1

The Moment

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At CNN.com they have compiled thousands of photos during Obamas Presidential Inauguration and titled them The Moment. Photos were submitted by anyone that attended the Inauguration. Then the compiled photos are layered on top of each other to create a 3D space from the otherwise 2D photos. Basically, It’s a panorama using thousands of submitted images from the people who attended.

CNN has been doing some cool interactive things with their displays/computer monitors. Most of them use a major event to showcase them. Example: the 2008 Election and here in the Presidential Inauguration.

Its pretty cool to click around the audience and see who attended along with seeing Obama, his family and the people around him during The Moment. I found a few actors and senators that were sitting right behind Obama as he was sworn in.

You will need to install a plug in called Silverlight to make it work and be able to interact, but that is it. Super easy and most of the photos are pretty good quality.

Check it out: The Moment


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we hardly give a thought to the things we use everyday. if it wasn’t for good industrial designers we would be surrounded horrible tacky products. its these people that think about every detail in the way a product is made. the shape of things, the color of things, how they feel in our hands, all the things that we normally don’t think about but if they weren’t there we would probably all notice. objectified is a new documentary film by gary hustwit who also directed helvetica. being a little bit of a design nerd i truly enjoyed helvetica. it was an insightful film that was well paced and filled with good choices from top notch typographers, great visuals and good music . i recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it. objectified looks like an equally interesting film about the process of industrial design and manufacturing of the things we use in everyday life. the film is set to debut at this years sxsw festival and screen in selected cities.


obamas week one address

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you better bring it. the man has a lot to live up to and has been appointing some “interesting” people and is still for things like wiretaps (pre election views) and what not but at least he speaks to us like we are adults. lets see if he can save us from ourselves.


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oh shit the country has been taken over by brain hungry zombies!

happy 25th birthday macintosh

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its been 25 years since the debut of the apple mac. needless to say i am a huge fan of apple products. i use them every day to get my job done and i appreciate the fit and finish and the extreme attention to detail they offer. my family actually had one of these original mac and i have very fond memories of it and apps like chopper command and mac paint. watching this video of the release of the mac its funny to see how far computers have come. check it out and watch people go apeshit over the silliest things. imagine if that audience saw an iphone back then. that shit would be mind melting.
continue reading this story —>

Tron and Shirley in highschool. The series.

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Inspired by The cartoon below, I’ve have started a

series of Tron and Shirley in highschool. Enjoy.
Hopefully, more are to come.

Food Adventures with Chris and Samantha

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My friend put this up on her Facebook page today. It’s a conversation we had via IM, and through the magic of Xtranormal, you get to watch it as an animated conversation between dogs. Watch the Video HERE


Respect the “30″ rock

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Antony Sheds glittered tears?

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Funny, because I could have swore he’d cry tears of subway sandwiches and unanswered personal ads.

[youtube width="625" height="344"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWPJLohfov0[/youtube]

Antony & The Johnsons’s have a new video for the single, “Epilepsy is Dancing”. Directed by Wachowski Brothers, or is it post op siblings now? Looks like they shot it on the new RED camera that they did last summer’s Speed Racer with. It looks like a bunch of 80′s new york butterfly BS to me, but I can’t deny my love for Antony’s haunting voice. Check it out.

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