Captain EO will return to Disneyland 2010. (fingers crossed)

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According to

Captain EO will make its triumphant return to Disneyland’s Tomorrow Land in January 2010. The site states that the officail announcement will be made at the D23 convention on Sept. 9th.


Rumor or no rumor, it made my day. Back in 1997 I wrote in a zine about how we needed to save Captian EO from being terminated. I must track that article down. I’m sure its insane.  Thanks Matt for the heads up.

the city of angeles is burning (again)

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a friend of a friend shot this time-lapse video of the smoke cloud hovering over la like some sort of scifi disaster movie its crazy looking

Timelapse – Los Angeles Wildfire from Dan B. on Vimeo.

dan b. on vimio

site of the day:

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this site is new and only has a few entries but it shows promise. i think it speaks for itself.


Inside, I’m still a nerdy child.

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I am a geek.  A fact that has been demonstrated many times over. The nerd in me reared her head this morning when I came across They Might Be Giants’ most recent endeavor.  Immediately, overwhelming glee shot through me and I shook my tiny fists with excitement while whispering under my breath, “YES.”

A few years back TMBG parlayed their genius into a little book/cd combo of lullabies called, “BED BED BED” which featured Kimya Dawson. Apparently, this launched the release several DVDs aimed at educating kids on various topics through music videos that I was completely unaware of until this morning.  And like Saturday night’s party came back on Sunday, I was full of happiness and childlike nostalgia watching this.


Even though they aren’t singing on this one the animation and essence turned me into goo. It led me down a path to discover they did a little song about Davy Crockett in Space. Hell yeah.


Now I have outgrown a lot of things that I have loved.  Barbies. Numerology. Goth. But there are times, sometimes days or even weeks that I just want to listen to TMBG and just be really, really fucking happy.

Many a time, their lyrics seep into the juke-box inside my head, set off by something little.  I’ll look at the sun and think, “The sun is a mass of incandescent gas, a giant nuclear furnace…” I hear whistling and think about Whistling in the Dark.  In the grocery store I hum, “I returned as a bag of groceries, accidentally taken off the shelf before the expiration date.”  I could go on and on, because it happens.  A lot. It’s a problem. I know.

Not only have TMBG made a lot of catchy tunes, but often their visual style is playful, cartoonish, and whimsical as demonstrated in their music videos and live shows.  In fact, I’ve been to a lot of shows in my life, and I have forgotten a lot of shows in my life, but the one and only time I saw the Johns it was one of the most memorable ever.  My cohort and I screamed song lyrics like 2-year-olds on an Easter sugar high while dancing like retards.  If that’s not the embodiment of happiness, I don’t know what is?

Now I don’t have kids and if I ever do, it probably won’t be for a long, long time – if ever – but if I do – they will be on a steady diet of this in hopes that they will grow up to be as much of a geek as I am.  In a country that raises kids way to fast, aspiring to be like Britney Spears  – I don’t think that’s so much of a bad thing.

Painting Shower Curtains.

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I screamed when I saw this, this morning.  Some of us here at writing staff  know a giant fellow from years back who painted a shower curtain with the Scream mask with the word Mommy on it. I still cry from laughing at how lame that was and now he’s possibly made an Etsy page selling his genius idea to a whole new generation of  horny turds.


WTF factor 92.6%

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Madex’s Guerilla Drive In: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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new fitness goal : winkers

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my new goal is to have a body type that will allow me to ware winkers


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get fired up!

Millions of Milkshakes: Hollywood’s Douchiest Milkshakes

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One of my co-workers offered to buy everyone in the office ice cream. YAY Free Ice Cream.  This bout of good-will by a person I consider my comrade in jaded embitterment was probably brought on by gaining the approval of his soon to be fiancé’s parents… but I like to think it was an offering to shut another co-co-worker up.  We’ll call her Gabby. Gabby has a lot of time on her hands right now and is the kind of girl that incessantly talks about the kind of things that makes me loathe my gender.   Today, she discovered something called a treadmill desk and proceeded to research it and update anyone who was listening or even anyone who wasn’t listening about everything she discovered.  SO naturally, when free ice cream was offered up – she jumped right on it and even offered to look up the closest place to get it.  Behold the result, the most unappetizing place on earth (or at least west of la brea):

Millions of Milkshakes AKA Vomit in a Cup. Granted – I cannot speak to the quality of their milkshakes. I couldn’t get past grotesque website that made my stomach turn.  It’s kind of indicative of everything I hate about Hollywood and my industry.

FIRST, Milkshakes are not ICE CREAM.  IT’S A FUCKING MILKSHAKE.  SECOND, why on earth would I ever want anything in my mouth named after Perez Hilton, any Kardashian or Spencer Pratt?  That is the opposite of goodness.

Now I do like free things. It’s true. And I do like Ice Cream.  So I tried to find something that sounded appealing, but I kept vomiting in my mouth a little, which I imagine is what a Lindsay Lohan shake must taste like.

I did not end up ordering anything.   Others reported that their shakes were too malty.

Do You Know The Number to Heaven?

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what did you do with your summer va-ca? Dark Carnival of the Soul: Gathering of the Juggalos 2009

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Lessons in class: shittin’ on you ho.

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[youtube width="625" height="344"][/youtube]


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Sure it’s a car commercial… but it’s AWESOME.

Thank you for being a friend.

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I like to imagine that at The Golden Girls series wrap party, Bea, Rue, Estelle, and Betty all went on a bender and decided to get matching tattoos.  I can only dream.

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