Ask A Bumps – Halloween Combination

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Dear Askabumps,
I am having trouble thinking of a cool halloween costume. I was thinking one way to come up with a great costume idea might be to combine two mediocre costumes. But not every two costumes add up to more than the sum of their parts. Do you have any advice on how to maximize contrast for ironic effect?
Michael Jackson Pollock


DVS Skate & Create 2009 Contest Entry. Simply Amazing.

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[vimeo width="600" height="300"][/vimeo]

Congratulations skate videos, you’ve arrived.

Directed by Colin Kennedy.

Finally a workout I can commit to.

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[youtube width="625" height="344"][/youtube]

Although, I think I’ve been doing this work out for years and I haven’t seen results.

Sometimes being one in a Million isn’t Lucky.

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[youtube width="625" height="344"][/youtube]

I’ve never gottena flu shot, nor will I ever.

3 cats 1 steak

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Ask A Bumps – Recession Shut In

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Dear Askabumps,
In case you haven’t heard, there is a little thing going on called a recession. I wasn’t going to mention it earlier because I thought Obama would have dealt it a good deal of Hope and we would be back on easy street by now. Alas, that is not the case. On top of that, many of my friends have lost their jobs and haven’t had any luck finding more. The days of blowing a bunch of cash at a bar, treating oneself to an exotic dinner, or paying full price for a movie are gone for now. I’m running out of gift cards to the AMC and Sizzler… what can we do to prevent us all from becoming shut ins?
Recession Shut In

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Mickey Mouse Gas Masks

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Slowxgun likes to make fun of me that I like Disneyland a little too much and that I spend all my time on Truth is, I like to spend my time on survival websites to help my dream of one day building  a compound that will sustain people I like for when the world is in Glen Becks hands. I was looking up gas masks as you should be doing and I about fell over at the sight of  a  Mickey Mouse gas mask.  I want one.

The Sun Rubber Company produced approx 1,000 Mickey Mouse gas masks  in 1944.  At the end of the world, seeing a sea of people running around with these croaked faced bug eyed mickey mouse masks would be just the image I’d like to see before burning to death on the sidewalks of Hollywood.

Man, that Mickey tongue sticking out is really nightmarish.


mickFound on Flicker

Your Daily Danzig

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So it may not be daily – but we must post as we discover. I logged into my facebook today.  A friend of mine has a photo of himself with Glen and this was left on the comments:

“A friend of mine used to date him. As the story goes the man who sang “Mother” (the best driving song of all time) had a favorite movie. If you said “Disney’s Land Before Time” you get the toaster oven and the trip to Jamaica. Nice snap.”

Just thought you should know.

Danzig likes dinosaurs.

Halloween Excitement.

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This photo has it all. Smiles, a dead baby and a little black demon. Happy Halloween.


Looks like I’m not the only one upset about The Balloon Boy Hoax.

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[youtube width="625" height="344"][/youtube]

Seriously, I cried laughing.

Grindhouse Trailer pays a visit to The Wrestler

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[youtube width="625" height="344"][/youtube]

I hope this happens more often. I would love for someone to make a Grindhouse trailer for Gooby.


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Madex’s Guerrilla Drive In Presents: The Return to OZ – Sunday Nov. 8th

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Award Winning Youtube Re-edit humor.

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[youtube width="625" height="344"][/youtube]

If you didn’t see the original Drunk Man at 10am shopping for beer, check it out here.

Found Via FilmDrunk Via mustacheandmonocle

The best Bed Jump ever.

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Lulu - Boxing

Check out the OG bed Jumpers

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