The love between a man and his bike seat

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at first i was like woooah…and then i was like WWOOOOAAHHH!

The A & R Guy

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this is absurd and obviously a falsity.  paul stanley would never do remixes.  even as a bear.  he doesn’t do dr. pepper commercials either.

The Third & The Seventh

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5 stars 5 stars 5 stars.  all CG but a few plates.


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If you weren’t already a fan of Metalocalypse, you will be now.

Your favorite movies on your wall

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Might want to save some money for the print you’ll love by hopping on that bus and checking out this art show.

Movie tributes range from mainstream to cult, while quality sometimes exceed OC fair quality standards.  Prices are a bit more.

All prints here.

 gallery 1988



Wii Fit + Speedos = A Gay Ole Time

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I’m moving to japan just to play this game.  I’m also buying several colored speedos and a slow loris while there too.
Japan, why can’t you and all your questionable meat be closer?

[viddler id=748647a0&w=437&h=370]

Foam Beard Lady

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Cross Santa and a Japanese teen, who’s actually 45, and you get this:  Foam beard lady, who delivers hammer smashes to the crotch enjoys a good bucket of whale sperm.  It’s funny how different our shows vary by culture, where most here get wet over a 45 year old rat with a nice singing voice.  Fuck that.  While contributing to the idiocracy, I say more foam beard lady.


Wolf T Shirts – Consumer reviews more awesome than shirt

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All consumer reviews need to be like this.

Favorites include:

I like this wolf shirt because wolves and shirts are shapes.
This shirt cured my Aids!”
“There is no way our shirt cured aids.”
If only I had worn this shirt when my dad took us fishing, maybe mom and I would have made it to shore. Love you Op, love you Ant!”
This shirt lead me to the teabagging of an uber-hot asian guy! Some spooning was involved as well! BUY THIS SHIRT NOW!!

Read all reviews here:

This Thanksgiving, semen makes the perfect addition

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Give a little extra this Thanksgiving, a little extra SEMEN.  It’s the perfect ingredient to spice up those old recipies and really brings out the bold flavor in bland foods… 

Ok, I get it, some people love semen.  A lot.  But on Oysters?  Honestly, who thinks, “God I can’t get enough of guzzling this every night, I need to have it on my sandwich too.”  I’m just sayin, what happens in the bed room is awesome, but I don’t know that most want it in their “Almost White Russians” as well.  

So for all those who want the gift that keeps coming (…er), than maybe this book would be a great surprise.  The best surprise though, is to make that extra tasty pumpkin pie, and inform your guests afterwards that it was made with you extra special ingredient.  Welcome to the holidays.


Buy it here.

The White House gives the “Shocker”

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Even before Obama is in the white house, Bush is beginning to feel a new vibe in the air.  And he’s obviously accepting it.  See how he’s throwing the shocker within a gang of brothas?  You damn well know Laura’s into that.  

This wipes his previous blunders, he’s now a top respected fellow in my book with this type of tude.  Throw on a pair of shades and we’ll pass a law that puts this stud and Cory Worthington secretary of PARTYING DOWN!


Make out tips

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Don’t be intimidated by his age.  I was just as knowledgeable about girls when I was 11 as well.  I knew how to push all the right buttons and ended up losing my virginity to my african american studies teacher in 6th grade.  But with the communication revolution this guy’s able to show inexperienced youngsters the art of picking up a girl and laying down the smooches better than Mystery and his furry hat ever can.

Make out tips

Ashley Todd’s voting for Obama

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But she’s still racist.


Elliot…Frieennd… Potato auction

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Go ahead and break that no carb diet.  Totally worth it.  And if you don’t want it, I know a certain someone who might ‘Opps I crapped my pants’ when seeing it peeking in their window at night.  However if you do take the physical challenge and eat the edible alien, it might turn profitable.  If you swallow it whole, an ET shaped turd probably has better resale value than it’s current $7.95 auction.

That reminds me, when did ET shit?  He ate so many of those Reeses Pieces that it had to make him crap at least once.  Yet he never wore diapers, nor used the toilet.  And Barrymore didn’t flash her tits at anyone.  This movie had a lot of holes.

Ebay Auction

When you’re bored with that check the nuts you wish you had.

Election Battle Rap

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It’s time for elections AGAAAAAIN!  Black vs. White, Mother vs. Son, Kitten vs. Blender, Democrat vs. Republican, they’re all covered in this video I worked on. 

I’m really not sure who I’m going to vote for now…

Image links to video

Bumps is going to poop a prehistoric turd

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After seeing “Walking with the Dinosaurs,” I’ve been daily entertained after learning some dinosaurs, to keep hydration, had no need to sweat nor “pee pee,” as the host so cleverly laid it out for those of us under the age of 5.  Now, present day America, for just 300 dollars, you can own a Triceratops that will never need toilet training.  With 11 sensors, it will tell you when to play, feed, and when it’s time to mate.  

This is hours of entertainment for adults and Bump’s next christmas gift.

Video and Article here.

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