The Moment

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At they have compiled thousands of photos during Obamas Presidential Inauguration and titled them The Moment. Photos were submitted by anyone that attended the Inauguration. Then the compiled photos are layered on top of each other to create a 3D space from the otherwise 2D photos. Basically, It’s a panorama using thousands of submitted images from the people who attended.

CNN has been doing some cool interactive things with their displays/computer monitors. Most of them use a major event to showcase them. Example: the 2008 Election and here in the Presidential Inauguration.

Its pretty cool to click around the audience and see who attended along with seeing Obama, his family and the people around him during The Moment. I found a few actors and senators that were sitting right behind Obama as he was sworn in.

You will need to install a plug in called Silverlight to make it work and be able to interact, but that is it. Super easy and most of the photos are pretty good quality.

Check it out: The Moment


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we hardly give a thought to the things we use everyday. if it wasn’t for good industrial designers we would be surrounded horrible tacky products. its these people that think about every detail in the way a product is made. the shape of things, the color of things, how they feel in our hands, all the things that we normally don’t think about but if they weren’t there we would probably all notice. objectified is a new documentary film by gary hustwit who also directed helvetica. being a little bit of a design nerd i truly enjoyed helvetica. it was an insightful film that was well paced and filled with good choices from top notch typographers, great visuals and good music . i recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it. objectified looks like an equally interesting film about the process of industrial design and manufacturing of the things we use in everyday life. the film is set to debut at this years sxsw festival and screen in selected cities.


happy 25th birthday macintosh

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its been 25 years since the debut of the apple mac. needless to say i am a huge fan of apple products. i use them every day to get my job done and i appreciate the fit and finish and the extreme attention to detail they offer. my family actually had one of these original mac and i have very fond memories of it and apps like chopper command and mac paint. watching this video of the release of the mac its funny to see how far computers have come. check it out and watch people go apeshit over the silliest things. imagine if that audience saw an iphone back then. that shit would be mind melting.
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durex: get it on

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this is a few days old but heck we just got whateves back on line so i thought i would share it. the place i work at made this and its been blowing up on the interwebs i have never been so proud of an employer. check our site for some “out takes”.

Wundor Boner

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Happy Monday everyone. It feels good to have whateves back online giving the masses quality posts. Like… the one above for the Wundor Boner. After watching the video and seeing the fishs insides pushed thought his ass makes me want to go back to being vegitarian.

Who are the [Creative] people in your Neighborhood?

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Photo of Bobb Bruno – Musician.

I came across this site today of Photographer Todd Selby. He invades the space of creative types and documents their surroundings. It’s an incredible site, and the spaces are interesting to peek into. My hood seems to be crawling with awesome people and living spaces. Take a look over at Selby.

Shadow FAIL

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I wonder what the architect had on his mind when he created this wall?

Super Obama World

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Introducing Super Obama World. A flash game that plays like the NES original Super Mario Brothers. The pixel graphics and sounds are rad super retro. Reminds me of when I was a kid and we would race home from school to play Double Dribble. Another waste your life away online game brought to you by whateves.

No word yet if Dig (Dug) Joe Biden, has been created yet.

new look and feel

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new look same great random! hope you like it

It Has Been To Long Since The Last Muppet Post

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Glennz Tees loves muppets just as much as whateves. Best of all the SNORG chick is no where to be found

Shirt titled: Before Stardom. $19.95 purchase here.

i am rich bitch (web app)

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for those of you who follow tech stuff and have an iphone probably know about the “i am rich” app. for those of you that dont here is a little bit of backstory. Last month the iphone opened its app store and started selling additonal apps to be downloaded to the phone. most apps sell for between .99 cents and 10 dollars with the maximum price going all the way up to $999.99. Then someone comes along and creates an app called “I am rich”.  the app cost the maximum $999.99 and its sole purpose is to let people know you can afford it.  you push the button on your screen and it just displays “graphic art”.  a poorley rendered image of a red jewl is displayed on your screen.  Thats it no more no less.  the discreption on the site states that that is all it does and there are no hidden features and what you see is what you get.  its a pure status symbol.  well a few pople actually bouth the app (i think 8 total) and some say the bought it by accident. enough people complained and apple pulled the app from the store.  the interesting thing about this is it places an artificial value on something that should for no other reason be free.  by saying someing is art dose it create an intrinsic value to it?  dose a name on a brand add value to an otherwise ordinary object?  in someway this reminds me of work of mathew barney who makes abstrcat sometimes creepy films wich can been seen easily but sells the origonal disks for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  there are tons of other examples of “fine art” artificially over priced just do to artist recognition. most people would call this a scam but if some one is willing to pay money for something does it not have the value that the free market is willing to spend?  

well i decided to make a cheep chinatown rolex knock off version of the i am rich app.  this is the almost as good slightly less quality web app version complete with home screen icon. just go here (on an iphone) to see the beautiful glowing red jewel and click the plus button and select the add to home screen button to get quick and easy access image.  impress your friends with your almost as good as the reel thing version of the $999.99 iphone application.

story from the la times

Converse – Kurt Cobain Collection – Chuck Taylor All Star

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Check out the Kurt Cobain shoes from Converse. They are apart of Converses Specia Collection, the collection consists of Chuck Taylor All Stars, Jack Purcell’s and One Stars. All inspired by Kurt Cobain. The only decent pair in the collection are the plain signature ones. They look warn and… grungy (sorry for the pun I couldn’t resist). Other shoes have drawings and lyrics written over the shoes.

After all is said and done the concept of the shoes sucks, but in my opinion its not as bastardized as bad as the Goonies pair. At least they kept true/classic Converse shoes and added a Kurt Cobain edge to them. It’s hard adding anything to a classic, the reason why we love them is b/c they are simple. When you start adding a bunch of thing to a simple shoe is becomes something else… IE snowboard binding on the Goonies shoes.

I will go on the record by saying that when I was a kid (as still today) I don’t like wearing new shoes. I hate how new Chuck Taylors look so bright, fresh and clean… I would walk around trying to scuff them up a bit. I think this signature pair could be cool… sans the signature.

Kurt Cobain Converse are now available at Journey’s footwear retail chain.

More pictures after the jump.

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Finger Banging Our Youth, “Follow them Size 5′s”

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While we’ve seen the Kurt Cobain shoe disaster, and Simon posted about bastard Elvis discount shoes, and we’ve known about the back to the future shoe release for sometime now, it actually just came out.

But we haven’t seen this far a stretch in adult footwear from 80′s child movies before. Sure this sorta hack shit comes out at Payless Shoesource for infants when a film is released, I’m sure you can get your 3 year old some kick ass Dark Knight sneakers right now, but in 25 years for adults that shouldn’t be the case. I’m talking about Puma’s Goonies Shoes.

Look at this culture abortion. More pics after the jump.

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Nintendo Wall Graphics

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I found this really cool Nintendo graphic while researching wall decals for my new “open office area”. My work just finished renovating a floor in our building and is moving the creative dept to this new area. It look like cubical land to me, but that will be in another rant coming soon.

This Nintendo inspired wall graphic comes in 2 sets: Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong. Although this is not quite what I had in mind for my work area I still think this is cool. If I had this when I was a kid my bedroom wall would definitely be the best on the block.

The decals are made by Blik and are really easy to install. I actually have the Space Invader decals on my glass window at home, they are really fun.

On the site you can also choose from a whole variety of designers with all different types of personalities and colors. This is a really easy way to bring a lot of personality and uniqueness to your living or work space with fairly minimal effort. I just wish it was easier to create a custom wall graphic.

Best Tattoo 6

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Another Winner! A dolphin smoking a bong in a lay-z-boy. Why didn’t I think of that! <br><br>

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