Biking On The Freeway!?

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The Freeway Ride I on Channel 4 News from richie thomassen on Vimeo.

I love riding my bike but this is a little to dangerous for me. Riding my bike on the freeway… this is insane! NBC picked up on it and aired it on Mother’s Day.

Also don’t forget this week is Ride Your ride a bike to work for the week.
bike to work week
Thursday is Bike Instead of Work Day. cyclists will ride from the Hollywood/Western Metro Station to City Hall to USC. There will also be pit stops to pick up free gear around Los Angeles County.

If you like night rides then you can also participate in the Whateves Thursday night bike ride… “Whereeves Tonight“.

Now you have no excuses.

Beckham + Donovan = Goal. LA Galaxy 2 – Houston Dyanmo 2

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Saturday night the Los Angeles Galaxy played the current MLS champions the Houston Dynamo at the Home Depot Center.

The Galaxy battled back to tie the game, and as usual it was the Beckham Donovan show. Between them they have scored all six goals for the team in 2008. Tonight was no different, Landon Donovan scored 2 goals both assisted by David Beckham. The first goal is my favorite by far. A diving header, can’t beat that.

The result left Los Angeles with a 1-2-1 record while the defending Major League Soccer champion Dynamo (0-1-3) was left still seeking its first victory.

Next week Chivas USA vs. LA Galaxy Superclassico. When these two team play each other they are always intense. Expect smoke, expect big flags, expect fights and expect the LA Riot Squad to go ape shit.

“Lookin’ for a good spoonin’ horse”

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horses are not toys.

Animals are not toys. Animals are not toys. Animals are not toys. If you try and lay down next to a horse it will get scared, kick you in the chest and you will die. Animals are not toys.

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Pasadena Suicide Bridge Sux!

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So I was waiting to meet with my adviser to go over some finance-ez this morning and her assistant informed me that she needed a moment before meeting with me because she had just witnessed someone jumping off the Colorado Bridge on her way to work, yikes! Moment of silence for the John/Jane Doe… I remember hearing about the bridge when I lived in Pasadena and how it’s notorious for jumpers. I guess it has been nicknamed “Suicide Bridge” ever since it was built in 1912, especially after there was about 50+ suicides during The Great Depression.

Pasadena Suicide Bridge

I came across this site and it has some pretty interesting urban legends about ghost that haunt the bridge and the dried up Arroyo Seco Riverbed down below. – Source Weird California.

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photos by madex on sunset and Hyperion
This new guerrilla advertising for is weird.

The site says its going to launch on the Jan 8th 2008, and the myspace page says the Dec 12th 2007.

Either way, these are pasted all over mideast los angeles, silverlake to echo park.

other posters include, Skulls, Andy Warhol, Madonna and Britney kissing.

with minimal internet investigating, I figure this is the dude in charge, a street artist named zevs.

other works here

dont forget to add to the google map

1546 1/2 Echo Park Ave, Elysian Park Grassy Heaven

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I am pretty sure this is how Audrey Hepburn looks these days.


The best view of downtown is from this grassy hill. I like to lay here whenever possible.

3639 Temple, Silverlake Los Angeles

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The space invaders mosaics are pasted world wide, here is a new one in my neighborhood.

The artist must be a MAC guy.


923 3rd St Downtown Los Angeles

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In my attempt to keep up on the cool things I see around this city, I will be using my new powershot camera Tarasaid that gave me for the holidays. I’m Really excited. So I’ll be flashing sights around my favorite city on whateves, I beg you to do the same in your cities.



After the photos were snapped, a van full of drunk guys pulled up and started working on the wall, baggy shorts and no underpants don’t mix. while trying to get those hard to reach places on the sidewalk curb, full ass was on display, and not good ass.

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What’s In Your Wet City Gutter?

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Is this:

  • A. A new Lego® wire connection toy left for dead in a wet city gutter?
  • B. A connection of high voltage wires laying in a wet gutter with exposed live wire connections?
  • C. Your moms curlers, mixed with Dads box of rope and wires left for dead in a wet city gutter?

If you answered B. You are correct. I had to walk around this today at work. Someone really sucks at doing their job.

Its Offical: Frosted Cupcakery is #1 Cupcake In Los Angeles

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Well, Its official. This AM the winners for the My Fox LA Channel 11 City Voters winners were announced. Among the winners was Frosted Cupcakery, voted number one cupcake in Los Angeles in the Specialty Food and Drink category.

If your interested in viewing the rest of the winners check out the Winners List

Hooray for Frosted!

Sunset Junctions’s Circa Loco! R.I.P. Por Vida.

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If you drove by Sunset Blvd. and Edgecliffe Dr. @ Sunset Junction before 2006  you would have seen the homeless man with many names:  Duckman, Kelly Bump’s Boyfriend, Circa Loco, Pirate man. All the names work, he used to dress up and dance to his boom box in the park in the middle of the street with capes and swords, eye patches and dresses. He would hold circus shows behind a sheet near the Mexican church. He wasn’t friendly, but he still brought joy to me. Sadly he died last year of Pneumonia. He is now forever immortal in a new mural at sunset junction on the side of the Army surplus store that appears in the film FALLING DOWN.

The old mural was destroyed by tagging, with huge blue paint splatters.

Other characters of the area are also included, like Mr, Silverlake the constantly walking dude who reads the news paper shirtless in blue shorts.


There is also another famous homeless fellow named the $5 guy, but he wasn’t included. I guess you have to die to get your own mural in this town.

Loving LA – Echo Park / Angelino Heights – Carroll Ave.

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In Angelino Heights, Los Angeles’s first suburb, there is a street filled with houses built from 1870-1890. This neighborhood looks like something out of Disneyland’s Main Street era. A horror movie is begging to be made here. Most of these house’s were not originally erected here, but later moved here when bunker hill downtown was torn down to make the high rises we see today.

If ever lost in Echo Park on Sunset turn on Douglas towards downtown and take it to Carroll Ave. You’ll be Glad you did.

I feel like going there and renting a young wholesome Mormon family to take a family picture with in front of these amazing houses.

Click here to see more photos


Dear Long Beach… Don’t Change.

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As you all know I love Long Beach. One of my favorite things to do it people watch in Long Beach. There is so many cool crazy people all walking around all doing their own thing with no regard for anyone else. Currently, I’m compiling photos of all my favorite people I seen around the downtown area along with giving them a nickname. Most of them are completely crazy or they are bums but they all are rad to watch. Once the list is complete I’m going to post them, I only have 2 photos so far, One of “Jack Lalane” the old man who rides his bike along Ocean Blvd and “Muddy Waters” the city employee who sweeps the street with a broom and a bucket. Yesterday I ran into “The Experiment” however, I didn’t get my camera out fast enough to take her picture. She sits on the corner of Ocean and Atlantic and does nothing… all day. She is alway wearing blue and yellow.

A group of us at work know who the elite members of this crazy ensemble are tracking them. When one of us spots someone we will call one-another and state the location and time. It’s a lot like tagging and animal in the wild. Except we are not using caribou and tracking their migration… we are using people and plotting their location for our own personal enjoyment.

Now this is what I saw today:
Today, as I’m waiting to cross the street on 1st and Pine two huge African American women come barreling down the street. They are yelling and screaming at each other. One is pulling a suitcase the other one is just yelling. They stop at the corner and start yelling at the cars driving by b/c they need to cross the street. Mind you its not their turn. Well that doesn’t stop them. They walk across the street putting their fat arms out to signal people to stop. They get to the other side when a bus is coming straight for them. They put their arms up to tell the bus driver to stop for them… also mind you its not a bus stop. The bus turns slightly just enough to clear their da-donka-donk butts and keep on going. Now the two are yelling at the bus as it drives by. “Hey… we need a ride”. The bus stops later down the street and they go charging for it.

This is just one chapter in this wonderful novel I call Downtown Long Beach.

Downtown Los Angeles House, I’m Just Happy It Exisits.

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On my way home from downtown sometimes I go out of my way to see this house.

1425 Miramar Los Angeles Ca

Its hard to explain, but this house is the only house within a 2 mile radius. It is surrounded by shitty apt complexes from all eras 40s-Present “LOFT” construction. Its a really rundown part of town to be living in, but I just love that they never tore this house down to make apts. It is a fucking huge house, I wish I knew more about the people who still live in it. (dont’ worry bumps, it isn’t my favorite house)

Jesus Eye View

Word, The Real Sydney

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Smoovebert here, former whateves lurker. Phil and I were talking about blogs and how I don’t post to laist anymore (especially because I’ve been in Sydney for the past 6 months), and so push came to shove and look, WHATEVES posting capabilities. BAM!

So, even though Sydney continually shows up on lots of wanky “Top 10/20/50 Places to Visit/Live/Die” lists, I’ve got a love/hate relationship with this city that is a lot like LA in a lot of ways, save for the heavy eurotrash influence (read: fauxhawks everywhere). Ah, there’s plenty to love, but still there’s plenty to rant about. And really, rants are infinitely more interesting than a travelogue love-fest any day. Maybe consider my posts a counterpoint to Mtv’s predictable-as-ever Real World Sydney.


Hello whateves!

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