Madex Movie Review: Crank: High Voltage

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Like last time,   get up and go see this movie, then come back and read this review.


Best fucking sequel ever, period. Its like they plugged into the smiles from the first one, made it even more intense, more insane and more head exploding action, more guns, more boobs, more nipple slicing, stripper tits deflating and ferret ball licking. I can’t stop smiling from how awesome it was. I’m sad people are calling this film a flop, when clearly they don’t realize the pure gold that this film really is. Our theater spent the whole time standing up, clapping and then lifting off to fly around the theater. It was beautiful. I was surprised they made a second one, now I demand a 3rd one. Bravo Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor your work is astounding.  You both are my shinny lunchbox. I only wish your film was the first to use D-Box.

5 madexs out of 5.

Go see it now.

madex movie review: Crank

Our friends over at Movieline have a good interview with the directors.

They also have a great interview with Crank: High Voltage star Bai Ling

Madex Movie Review: Dear Zachary: A letter to a son about his father.

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Dear Zachary: A Letter to a  Son About His Father is a must watch. It is so personal, so tragic and so well made. Director Kurt Kuenne pulls out his guts to bring you this documentary film about his best friend. Rent it now, and stop hanging out with anyone you think is crazy.

Watch it now on netflix.

Madex Movie Review: Pineapple Express, Echelon Conspiracy & Elevator to the Gallows.

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Instead of flooding the post with a bunch of movie reviews, I’ll squeeze this weeks into one post.

Pineapple Express. 2008


This comedy Directed by Indie Favorite David Gordon Green and written by Seth Rogen is a good laugh. It starts off strong, almost grounded in reality, then quickly shifts gears into screwball comedy. Its almost like having a talented indie director taking on the remake of Dumb and Dumber with the top action movie violence and and Rosie Perez channeling Karen Duffy for a lackluster performance.  I don’t smoke pot, I’ve never smoked pot but I do know you don’t have to smoke pot to come up with the great lines there guys do. I recommend it highly- ha. Get it?

Danny McBride (Red) is the best human on earth.

4 madex’s out of 5

Rent it.

Echelon Conspiracy. 2009


This film by Director Greg Marcks is thrilling from the get go. With a quick shout out to 11:14, his first feature film, in the first 2 mins you get a quick smile as it sets up the wicked labyrinth of information the film has to untangle. It quickly sets its self apart from other films in the American computer systems gone wrong films like Enemy of the State and Eagle Eye. This film’s power comes from how casual its use of technology is. Its grounded in such reality that the plot seems plausible. Echelon Conspiracy is an independent film with summer blockbuster ambitions. It’s a must see.

Shane West must be missing his night classes at acting school. Study up buddy.

4 madex’s out of 5.


Elevator to the Gallows.1958


Director Louis Malle encapsulates what the Coen Brothers have been trying to capture in their long line of work; Tragic comic misdirection. Released in 1958 this film has a high body count and a sick twisted humor. Its fantastic. The music in the film is timeless. The score was done by Miles Davis in one night, just on the fly.

I highly recommend everyone to see this film. It doesn’t disappoint.

5 madex’s out of 5

Rent it.

Madex’s Movie Review – Gentelman’s Agreement.

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This 1947 Best Picture Oscar winner was revolutionary in its day. Its a film that blew back the cover on anti Semitic undertones of society. This film by legendary dark cloud naming communist names brilliant filmmaker Elia Kazan is a little long winded for today’s film standards, but to the point on some racial issues that existed then, and undoubtedly still do today.

Watching this film today some 60 years later, its haunting to see how far we really haven’t come. Insert minority here, still have a long way to go to climb the white mountain tops of the rich christian elite.  This film shows how proud the rich white christian elite are and the lengths to which they’ll go to keep it out of the hands of the unfaithful.

Gregory Peck, who is a little too naive for my taste for a film hero plays Philip Green who is a writer who is doing a story on antisemitism who goes undercover as a Jew by simply saying BERG after his name. Once he is known as Greenberg, his white christian elite world comes crumbling down. Along with it, his annoying fiance, sappy child and his homoerotic old jewish navy officer best friend.

Its interesting to see a film about antisemitism in a time before civil right, woman’s rights and now the gay rights movement. Rich white christian elite try to shut the door on everyone. Even now, things haven’t changed much. Which is sad.

The new moral of this film is. Christians fuck everything up in the name of the lord.

4 madex’s out of 5.

Its a little long for my taste, but a great film to compare to today’s political climate.

Netflix Watch now option.

[youtube width="625" height="444"][/youtube]

Madex Movie Review – CJ7

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From the lovable genius Stephen Chow comes his newest film CJ7. His past films brought looney tune comedy to the sports, and gangster film genre. And now he brings a more refined low comic turn to a melodramtic retelling of the classic story of Jesus.

Jesus has come to us in the theaters in many forms over the years, but never so cute.

Young dicky is poor, his father works hard to put Dicky into a private school so that one day he can have a future brighter then his own. With no money left for food, clothes or toys, Dicky’s father finds a rare ball object at the city dump that is really out of this world.

CJ7 is an alien friend that guides young dicky through his hardships. The film is family freindly, with some great over the top moments and sad heart felt tear jerker spots too.

If you thought Ewoks were too cute, then you might throw up at the over cuteness of CJ7.  It was a nice film to rock on the Netflix (watch now)  option.

Go head, treat yourself, give it a watch soon.

3.5 madexs out of 5.

[youtube width="625" height="444"][/youtube]

Its good, but not super duper good. Worth checking out.

Madex Movie Review – 12 and Holding

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Director Michael Cuesta did a nice little film called,  “L.I.E.,” after that film he made 12 and holding. It makes me want to see watch “L.I.E.” again to see if it was really that good or I need to realize I drugged out on mountain dew when I saw it. Cuesta’s second film feels like a mix bag of a Larry Clark genre film and ABC’s made for television event with rosie O’Donnel’s riding the bus with my sister. Sure you laugh, but are you supposed to? Whoa I didn’t need to see a 12 year old naked girl performing blue oyster cult on the  flute.

The film centers around 3 twelve year old persons and a tragic event that takes their friends life. After the death, the 3 kids go on their own shit crazy adventure with no one controlling their shitty story lines. The young girl can act, but she might be 30 playing a 12 year old though, the fat kid pulls a great performance being fat and the plain kid who the film tells me it the main character should stick to eating pizza and playing video games.

Some fun times were had watching a fat kid lock his fat mom in a basement and then fed her salad through the window. But overall this film didn’t maintain an even tone or sustain good performances.  The film has the worst score of all time,  its like straight out of a sitcom or After School Special.  I hate to hate on kids but, shit, sorry kids, you can’t act.  The adults are all over the map as well.

The film really pushed my tolerance button when they introduced an adopted black child who reacts like a dog kicked in the face and comes back whimpering to his step-sibling’s mood swings. This film had the right recipe, perhaps just the wrong cooks in the kitchen.

1 madex out of 5.

I’d pass, or watch it ffw.

Madex Movie Review – Curious case of benjamin button

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This film is by far the weakest in the Oscar Nominated films of this year. Its stunning visuals, special effects and calculated, “make you cry” moments aren’t enough to pull this film into greatness. This film is Forest Gump with a more modest life track. Its indulgence is its downfall, too long to tell me nothing. Its a film you’d never care to watch again. Its fluff and rusty and just made me think about doing my taxes. I resisted when the movie told me to cry, and for that I feel accomplished.

2 madex’s out of 5. It gets a 2 because the SFX and make up are the most incredible I’ve ever seen.

Madex Movie Review: Executive Suite

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This 1954 film from legendary film maker Robert Wise is a well made ideologist look at corporate America from the 50′s.  When the CEO of Tredway Corporation dies with no clear successor, it is up to the board to appoint a new leader.  While a film about business sounds boring on its own they tried to make it more interesting with skinny blond ladies sprinkled throughout.

The film casts a good shadow on how businesses are disconnected from what they make and how they act on wall street. William Holding plays the get your hands dirty designer who stands for the ideals of the workingman. He goes up against the corrupt and soulless board members.  I liked this movie, I wish the turds in the middle of this current US economic crisis would look at it. Maybe they’d stop giving the money to the turkey’s in the tall towers and give it to the workers to build something worthwhile, give us something we can build that we cn have pride in,  believe in and hopefully that will stimulate our economy.

For those with no patience to watch films anymore, the clip below is the heart of the film, and a great scene. When William Holden smashes the shitty table, I just pictured someone smashing the shitty American made cars of resent years.

[youtube width="625" height="344"][/youtube]

3.5 madex’s out of 5. Its a good classic, but the heart of the film waits till the end.

Rent it.

Or you can set your DRV to record it on TMC this week.

Mon. Feb. 9 5:45 AM TCM
Mon. Feb. 9 7:15 AM TCM

Madex Movie Review: Scarecrow

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This 1973 film by Jerry Schatzberg is a low key character study of two outsiders, riding the rails with their new found freedom. Mad, Gene Hackman plays an ex con with an appitite for woman, fired chicken and booze. Lion, Al Pacino plays a sailor who is back from a 5 year tour. The two meet up in California and make their way across the US in hopes of making it to pittsburg to open a car wash.

The Landscapes and cinematography are amazing in this film, this long form film really lets you soak in the scenery. This is the first film I’ve seen Al Pacino do comedy well, he is sweet lovable and alway steals the scene. Gene Hackman, does a find job of being a playboy hobo who wears too many clothes. While this is a character story, its all about the guys, day in the life of HOBO-ness, and there isn’t too much plot, or hard hitting story. But well worth the reward of seeing two great actors at their finest.The film talks about the roll of a scarecrow, and its not to scare birds away, its to make ‘em laugh.

Scenes to enjoy, Max orders chocolate doughnuts and beer for breakfast, and does a strip tease. It Made me want to be a hobo so badly.

Lion gets a group of drunk people in a bar to march outside and watch him set himself on fire.

3 1/2 Madex’s out of 5.

Rent it.

Madex Movie Review: Population 1

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population1When there’s only one person left, its  Tomata du Plenty (from The early LA PUNK BAND The Screamers), He creates a punk opera alone, in his head,  in his underground bunker. This film by Rene Daalder uses some great imagery to evoke the struggles with in his mind. Being that its a punk musical, there are some cool parts, there is too much of Tomata’s skinny ass body and too much Saxophone in the music for me to get pumped up on it. But there are some good songs in the bunch. The film is fun, you get to see beck as a child playing an accordion.  I’d recommend this film for anyone with interest in the 80′s LA PUNK scene, and others who enjoy good low budget effects and imagery. Such as this:population1-face

Yes, that is a face.

3 1/2 Madex’s out of 5

Rent it.

Madex MOvie Review: The Children’s Hour.

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Director William Wyler (BEN HUR) directs this amazing award winning film I had never heard about. It stars a then hot Shirley MacLaine and toohpick Audrey Hepburn. ( Is it me or are only girls excited by Audry Hepburn, she has a nice face, but the body of Mr. Burn’s) The two ladies are Best friends from high school and they own a private school for girls in New England. A young student I like to call hack face is a spiteful, angry and super ugly child, is caught in a lie and punished. The whore cunt hack face tells her grandma that the two woman are “unnatural.” The term unnatural was used because in 1961, you couldn’t make films about homosexuals. The whore bitch’s Grandma believes her and pulls hack face out of school. The word spreads like whoop there it is and within a day they are faced with empty classrooms. Only to have the local men showing up in droves to see some scissor action.

This film was excellent, it was a rear view look at how homosexuality was viewed in those days, and how it still is everywhere but LA, SF and NYC.  It was such a curse that a rumor could kill your whole career, dreams and relationships.  I was astounded at Shirley’s performance in this film and would recommend it to anyone left with the patience to watch a  feature film.

Even with Hollywood’s strict production codes on homosexuality, this film passes censors because it still upheld the pain and suffering it should cause to be “unnatural”.

In a film interview Shirley states that even on set in those days, there was no discussion about the films hinted subject manner, it just wasn’t done.

The film was an adaption from the famous play of the same name by Lillian Hellman.

Check it out.

5 out of 5 Madex’s.

Rent it

Madex movie Review: Prayers for Bobby.

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Director Russel Mucahy (Resident Evil: Extinction) brings his ass kicking skills to lifetime’s films to watch with a tissue box. Sigourney Weaver plays  christian mother who has the picture perfect family. That is until it is infected with a Gay.  This was a cut above most made for TV preach fests, it had some horror film imagery with a young bobby dreaming of being caught in power lines while flying, and the only thing that kept this true story grounded was Ms Weaver’s performance. Sure, she cried and trashed and withheld sex from her husband, like all lifetime films, but she brought the realness of bat shit crazy Christians to the small screen.

I still don’t get why gay films for straight people have to kill the gay first so they can then understand. I know young gay suicide is a hug problem, its touched me a few times in my life with people I’ve known and the subject deserves some light so hopefully families can embraces their children and not push them to suicide.

Besides the story being too rushed, and bobby’s Christ like suicide. The film was at least a good entry level to gayness for stuck up suburban witches who neglect to accept they have gay in the family.

3 out of 5 madex.

NOTE: (having gas and farting during all the emotional scenes really makes it fun).

Check out all my past Movie Reviews. I plan on doing more this coming year. Like every fucking movie I see, so watch out for it.

Madex Movie Review: Quantum of Solace – 007

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Let me start off by saying, WHY? Why did the talented Director Marc Forster (Finding Never land, Monsters Ball, Stranger then Fiction) take on this 007 film? Why did he feel he had to compete with the US born Bourne series? Why did they follow up an excellent re-birth of 007′s Casion Royal with this soulless, too fast cut to comprehend hack action pile of flashy poo? Why were the bond girls uninteresting and forgettable? Why was it so short?

This film tried to be up to date with corporations being the villain, which is a nice touch, but the story telling was bad, masked behind action too fast to follow. And if anyone follows my reviews, I love too fast to follow, (see: Crank). Daniel Craig is an excellent Bond, he’ll carry the franchise far, but they really need to get a story for the next Bond Film, they really dropped the ball on this one. Skip this film, go rent Casino Royal, and pray heads roll, and we get a quality Bond film in 2 more years.

2 Madex’s out of 5.

Madex Movie Review: Burn After Reading.

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At the end, the movie doesn’t add up to much, but it’s fast, funny and dark hearted. It lets a bunch of top-drawer actors exercise their comic muscles. The Coen Brothers are smart, after winning the academy award last year for No Country for Old Men, they came out with a smile fest of funny mishaps. I enjoyed it, I took it for what it was and left the theater smiling. The highlight of the film for me is the two scenes where two CIA agents are talking about the events of the “League of Morons” played by Francis McDormand, Brad Pitt and George Clooney. I would pay money to watch those two men talk all day, heck, I wish they were the entire movie. 


4 out of 5 Madex’s  A must see, but you can wait till DVD.

Madex Movie Review: What We Do Is Secret.

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More like, what we do is boring and off topic and ulitmatly worthless filmmaking.

Its sorta sad when a bio-pic is basically a paint by numbers coloring book. Filmed line for line from the wikipedia page about The Late Singer of the Germs, Darby Crash. (Accordingly, I think the filmmaker himself wrote the wikipedia page himself). The film abandoned the rough edge of punk rock in the late 70′s and turned its back on the Los Angeles landscape. Sure the attention to detail on the venues was there, but how about something from Los Angeles? This labor of love film made on a shoe string budget either had to please too many people to be able to make decent film or the film maker was just too close to the material to step back and see what a film needs to be to be entertaining. No one likes to be lead around by the hand and shown what is cool, who is cool, – This happened here, then this happened then…that happened then he was dead. Its sad this movie sucked cause it could have had something to say about punk rock, alienated youth, the birth of punk in Los Angeles. The performance footage was just a rip off Penelope Spheeris’s film The Decline of Western Civilization, which is the only part that made it sorta seem creditable. The wardrobe department got everyone’s clothes perfect for the scenes that were ripped from the documentary. The film misses the mark it didn’t leave you with a sense that Darby did anything worth while. Never explored why the Germs matter in Los Angeles punk history. Glazed over the fact pat smear the actor acted nothing like the real pat smear. They made punks seem routine. They even made hot dogs boring. I say pass it. It had the pace of riding the bus with my sister, and was directed in a bubble.

One fun part though. Darth Mal from Star Wars Episode 1 is in the film. Actor Ray Park. 

Again, skip it. 


1 Madex out of 5.

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